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I am an experienced PHP developer who provides freelance and contract services since 2008. Specialising in custom web development and creating online applications.
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Success stories

There are some real life stories.

Flowers and gifts e-commerce based in Russia, Moscow.
Customer story: Custom CRM based on Yii2 Framework

Task: Develop CRM/CMS from the scratch to manage orders, products, it's metadata like size, prices, contents and delivery condition, shipping and customer feedback. And than sync it with frontend.

Environment and technologies: Yii2 Framework, Bootstrap CSS Framework, jQuery - standard site development toolkit.

One of the most famous flowers and gifts e-commerce in Russia with HQ in Moscow and a lot of regional offices and delivery partners all over the country.
Customer story: Custom CRM, developed and running to production more than 6 years ago, before I began work on it in february 2014. Solid piece of code that handle e-commerce frontend, orders processing, goods pre-production, call-center, shipping service and a lot of similar tasks for 50+ employees.

Task: Without stopping or even pausing CRM running 24/7, change almost all the main business proccesses inside it i.e. products pricing, product metadata handling, internal data structures, business reports and a lot of forms and user interfaces inside.

Environment and technologies: PHP 5, MS SQL with lack of indexes and constraints, memcached.

Difficulties: Plain coded PHP system - no MVC, no modules, no HTML template engines, all business processes hardcoded deep into system itself. No Version Control System, nobody knows how this system operates before. No documentation. No code deployment routines. Typical legacy code story as you know it.

Steps to achieve some stability:

  • Move all the code into git repository. Use github for cooperate development.
  • Deployment procedures development using phing package
  • Wikify the most often running project console and cron operations, remove unused cron routines.
Steps to increase system performance:
  • Add templates engine to exclude HTML from PHP code and rendered page caching
  • Switch to loading javascript libraries through CDN
  • A lot of code refactoring to avoid deprecated and repeated PHP code

One of the most successful fashion e-commerce in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan with more than 10 millions euro by IFC investments in 2014.
Customer story: Custom CRM with more than 1000 users online.

Task: Develop interface for pre-production employees to add goods, it's photos, sizes, a lot of goods metadata. Thus it is works with master database - make it asynchronous to avoid locking tables within transactions. During development process strictly follow the corporate code standards and RnD best practices including code review, pair programming and maximum unit tests code coverage.

Environment and technologies: Our choice became a RabbitMQ query engine. Using ZendFramework 2 and amqp my team successfully integrate this system into corporate CRM.

Multimedia streaming service for Russian mobile operator Megafon
Customer story: Custom CMS based on ZendFramework and Oracle 11g Database Server


Environment and technologies:

Web Development Guide

Custom application development with cloud-based applications.


    Your Requirements

    You may have an abstract idea about what you want as an end result, but not what you want the software to do. We aim to take the concept out of your head and turn it into completed software.


    Planning and Development

    I will create a plan to bring all of your requirements to life. While the plan is used as an overall guide to development, the methods I use to develop are very flexible should you change your mind on some of the details.


    Development Preview

    Development changes will be deployed immediately to your staging server for you to preview as I publish code. You will be able to work closely with us to ensure the application looks and works exactly the way you imagined.



    Once the application is ready for live deployment I will perform all required system changes including database modifications and file updates. The application will then be given final testing.

System Support

I have an extensive experience in a number of development languages and platforms.

Web Technologies

  • PHP
  • MySQL / SQLite
  • JavaScript / jQuery / AngularJS
  • Git / Mercurial

PHP Frameworks

  • Yii2 Framework
  • Zend Framework

E-Commerce Engines

  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • Zen-Cart

Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS / RedHat

Web Servers

  • Apache
  • Nginx


  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Memcached

My work expirience

These applications are built using modern web development tools.

Russian Ministry of Defence. Six years as a contractor

Software Engineer

CRM and contract management system based on Zend Framework. Full cycle development: planning, development, deployment and long term support.

Fashion shop

Senior software developer

Production module based on Zend Framework 2 for Magento E-Commerce system.

International flowers and gifts delivery E-commerce

Senior software developer

CRM, CMS and shop frontend. Yii2

Software developer

Backend code refactoring and interface facelifting. Migrate to Zurb Foundation CSS framework

Streaming and digital content management system

Software developer

SOAP XML API development based on Zend Framework

Multi-Store flowers and gifts E-Commerce

Senior software developer

Custom CRM from scratches based on Yii2 Framework

Nationwide multi-service network operator

senior software developer

JSON RPC API development based on Yii2 Framework

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